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This page gives access to blogs I make when we are on the road.  Go to the list on the right to see the various blogs posted.  The most recent is always on the top.

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  1. Great posts! LOVE that you got to the Viking sites! While I’d rather travel in a rig closer to yours in size, will out 32′ MH be able to go where you have gone on this trip or is it too large?
    Keep up the posting – I’m getting ideas!
    (You write beautifully)

  2. So that’s where the Tuileries Garden giant spider got off to – Ottawa!! I was so disappointed to find the spider was no longer in Paris.
    Love the plant sculptures – looks like Ottawa should get on our bucket list. Thanks for the background info, hope Alimay’s back is better. We all know how awful back pain is.

  3. Hi Alimay and Robin,
    Sounds like a great start to your trip!
    I was at the Butchart Gardens Christmas Shopping Event last Thursday and was reminded again of what a spectacular place it is. Lovely to think it has inspired someone from a far away country to create their own version of it.
    Look forward to following your Blog on the next phase of your holiday. Love, Liz.

  4. Happy New Year! Great reading. My sister Kay is in San Miguel and will be there until the 10th of Jan. Would be funny if you ran into her. She is there with her family. They rented a large house on a golf course with a gated community. Unfortunately don’t have address etc.

  5. Happy New Year, Alimay and Robin!
    Keep those Blogs acoming…..
    I’m especially looking forward to Part 2 of your Mexico blog which will include sights and scenes of magical San Miguel de Allende.

  6. Can hardly believe your Mexico saga is nearing an end and you’ll be back in Victoria on Sunday.
    The Blogs have been enlightening and enticing. I’ve loved hearing more of San Miguel de Allende and seeing so many familiar sights once again.
    Better still I’ll be able to hear and enjoy more details of the trip from you first hand. See You Soon, Liz.

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