Hornby Island

For almost 40 years we have spent a part of the summer in Hornby Island, first with our own kids camping at Tribune Bay and laterly with our grandchildren in rented houses.  This year the grandchildren opted to stay with us in Victoria rather than spend time on Hornby, so we decided to have a week on the island with just the two of us.   We rented an  AirBnB (who knew there was such  thing on Hornby!) on the west side of the island near the ferry terminal.  We had a great week with close to ideal weather and managed to see many resident friends such as Tom & Klara Cooney, Carol May, Doug and Sheila Carrick and Jack Eby.  We had a great meal at Sea Breeze – our first visit to them since the fire – and just thoroughly enjoyed the island for the week.  The only downside was that, where we were located, it seemed a long way from the co-op and the good beaches.  As the tides tended to be high late evening, this meant that we did no swimming – a first for a summer visit to Hornby.  The following are a few scenes from the week.